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things about weater -art project by Bigert &Bergström

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary: pick it up

speech, music, fish pond, candy, information...


Ok, after DRAVE now Restlessminds are ready to PICK IT UP.
We have a proposal for a proposal to collect money to pick the mystic
object up from the Baltic sea .

BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE By Canadian Minister of Defence MAY 2013

Topographie poétique / Close to Kalasatama

Numerique edition of texts I wrote to Kalasatama.
Part of Topographie poétique work. Exist in French and in English.

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Close to Kalasatama

Weather modification

 I like the idea of creating the most typical (mental) Helsinki weather there is, the mixed rain and snow, in the middle of the summer for one day.

Skywriting. These images don't have anything to do with anything yet but I liked them.

Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam war, to take away the food and vegetation cover of the Viet Cong.

The Story of Disappearo

Strange shit starts to go through your head when you're guarding an exhibition with a horrible hangover and after three hours of sleep.

I'm thinking about a story of a superhero called Disappearo. His superhero power is that he makes things disappear. Sort of like the Midas touch, but not.

Every superhero has a story about how they got their powers – Spiderman was bit by a radioactive spider, and so on. Disappearo gets his powers when he is 28 years old and falls into a severe depression.

The first thing he notices is that his self esteem has disappeared. He tries his best to get it back, but it is gone for good. His motivation disappears next, and after that his sense of purpose to life.

After a while his friends start to disappear also – they no longer call him and when he tries to contact them he never hears anything back.

Days disappear. On a Sunday evening he notices that the whole week has disappeared somewhere, he doesn't remember living it.

He even makes love disappear. One day he comes home and the girl he has been dating says that she no longer has feelings for him. She would still like to be friends with him, but Disappearo knows better - it doesn't work like that. She has already started to disappear and when that happens there's no turning back. And he is right; after a while he will not hear from her ever again.

These events make him even more depressed, which in turn makes his superhero power even more powerful. So things start to disappear even faster.

He reaches for the TV remote, but once he touches it, it disappears. He sits down and the chair disappears from under him and he falls to the floor. Money disappears when he gets it from the cash machine. Food disappears once he puts it in his mouth, so he's starving all the time.

Finally one day when he's taking a walk his socks disappear, then his shoes, and when his bare feet touch the ground, he makes the whole planet earth disappear.

The story ends with Disappearo floating aimlessly trough endless space, slowly suffocating to death. In one final effort to make his end easier, he tries to make himself disappear. He tries his best and really concentrates, but nothing happens and he realizes why. Yes, he could make the whole world disappear from around him, but to himself he can't do that. He has to experience this life to the bitter end.


That was just a rough outline of the story, but I think this would make a great comic book.


9-3 saab sport wagon vm 2010 260hp 310nm @3000rmp 2.oT XWD Hirsch


Kalasatama(s) map
I represented differents spaces include in the "story"
I'll continue this map, I hope discover news Kalasatama in Finland, and i guess I'll add some informations, many layers to look and read these places.

Hailuoto's visual notes

Photos taked during this night, when we were in the Kalasatama of Hailuoto

video of the night road trip in Hailuoto.
I was driving. We turn on the radio. I didn't like a lot this music. But now when I watch the video, I like it more and I can feel this strange moment, without any directions and time. The music is completely disconnected from this environment and from our feeling there. Only in link with the speed. It come from outside, but from the car radio.

To Kalasatama / context and story of my experiences there.

Almost everyday for three months, I took metro to going to the center, or to my place. Almost everyday during this last three months I was looking this area called Kalasatama. Chose the good seat to see well this construction place. From the metro, with speed I saw only these kind of rock's hill and some hole produce by some machines. I saw a kind of advertissement for this futur housing area called Kalasatama. 
I don't speak finnish and understand not a lot or nothing. For me it was only the name of this place.
I walked around the city by many ways, without directions,  walking for walking, to  see, feel the environment, places, wind, cold sun...Walking as a sensitive experience of places. By this way, spaces became places. 
One day, it was saturday, and my feeling was like the grey sky, I decided to go walking to this Kalasatama, to see it closer. I like a lot stones and rocks, I imagined like a playground with many rocks. But I discovered something else. 
I wasn't been on the top of rock's hills. I don't remember if I saw rocks. I followed a way and discovered some summer party's left overs : coachs, fireplace, broken tables, mattress... Left overs or open public trash. I started to write, to tell me speculative stories about this place. I was continuing to follow a way, and I was continuing to write during walking. 
Old harbor, three or four construction or demolition boats and their left overs on the pontoon. Mattress on pontoon, ropes and one man. There was this old boat smelt, from humidity stuffs. After that, a kind of sad wild place, where there are a lot of left overs construction materials, from city's constructions I guess. Pipes, stones, metal... Differents shapes, sizes and colors organizing on piles. Also a winter harbor, i couldn’t entrance there, is it close for public. I would like go there, I must to meet someone who has a boat inside.
It was already the night and I was really cold. I though to buy winter jacket during this afternoon. I forgot my gloves, I couldn’t write anymore, my hands were completely frozen. I wanted to coming back home, but I met a man who lives in his boat close in this area, close to the bridge and constructions. We were talking about his life as an outsider of society and the past of this place. He would like built kind of wood tent. I tought to help him. He is finnish, but kind of unfinnish, he came to talk to me, persone who like share talking, share experiences. Very nice meeting. Now everytime in the metro, when I see his boat, I think about his life, what he does. I will meet him again, soon. 

And I went home. 

Begining of november I went to Hailuoto, remote island on the north of Baltic sea. I saw a sign which indicated «Kalasatama». 
I understood at this moment, Kalasatama isn’t only name of this place in Helsinki. I asked finnish person, Meri. Se told me : «Do you know what is means ? Kalasatama is fish harbor. 

(I learned some nice, and not important words like «poiju» «lokki» «purjevene» «aalto» «kala» «saari» «simpukka», all relates to the sea environment, also, «Kalasatama» its new one for my collection... )

One night, we borrowed the car to do an excursion in this Hailuoto’s fish harbor. It was very great experience. Very cold, very windy, full moon. Very small harbour with only two pontoons, broken by the nature forces, I guess. It didn’t look like with present activity, it look like old harbor as abandoned. Gived for the sea, wind, moon and for us, these outsiders visitors. We walked on the beach, sand was frozen, we couldn’t see our foot prints. After a while there, we came home by the road in the middle of the forest.

(first story about this place (these places)) / Experiences

Dear abjection,

Had a talk today with Bart and Nikos. I'm really finding it difficult to proceed with my project. I don't know what am I researching, or what places I should work on. Or I know what place I wanna work with, but is it enough?

I went to Sinebrychoff park several times, I recorded some material there, just casual observations about the park - what more can I do with such beautiful park.

I made a note earlier, while Bart said something really nice. I was thinking of cigarettes during the whole discussion. I'm really trying to stop smoking.. My note says "What time of day, what do you drink. Smokes. Sex?" But I can't recall the actual reason or meaning in this note.. I had a date with a guy few hours after this meeting, I had to cancel it because I wanted cigarettes so bad.

I have three songs in my playlist: Morrissey - Suedehead, Bat for Lashes - All your Gold, Peter Sarsted - Where do you go to my lovely?.

I made these Sinebrychoff walks as part of my "Abjecting you! Armageddon for Honesty" video.. I think it actually accidentally made the video nice and about the themes I was interested in this workshop as well. I didn't realise it before Titta asked me, if my video was really about the cruising in the park. Was I? Or am I always?

Is this again too philosophical. What I want from my partner is some kind of nice stupidity. I'm highly attracted to stupid men, or ones who look like puppies. Masculine koiranpentus. I'm the kind of person who needs to be spanked really hard before I start working. My working processes are always really short, I don't work much. I dont produce a lot of work. This teacher of mine Harry Heyink said I should produce more to learn more - I disagree. I think I should, and everyone else also, be more observant, cleverer, cunning.
We shouldnt think too much things that are given to us maybe but focus on what is actually here and now. This kind of abjection Andrey is talking about so much - I think he likes to analyse my works.

This is so beautiful:

I want to use instagram more. And I remembered I made a video about Nikos Doulos. I made it even before I ever met him actually and I remember how me and Andrey and Titta had much fun during the lectures of this workshop talking about that video, it really is embarrassing like I told Bart and Nikos. Somethings you just wish you could undo or reveal and make nice somehow. Maybe Harry was right, maybe I could achieve better if I would work harder and think about the question he proposed: Why do you do your works? What is the point and reason or everything. I think what is rhetorical is still quite unsure to me.

Maybe I'm just writing again to produce a lot of things to discuss about. I think this playlist is very important, or I would like to highlight it more somehow.. Refer it to my working process - targets. Yes I think targets is a very important word now:
Questions to myself: What is the target of my work? How does the target change and what are the themes and fields where the target moves?

My text is now very dutch invaded, so I could also tell how much I miss Andy. I think I will go to Amsterdam in January to party with Andy. And how my pancake was swimming in a lake of alcohol.. I dont know if I should connect different parts of my thoughts, because now they are just sort of written down notes, or should I leave it to the reader. Maybe they are more intelligent, like therapists or some kind of agents.

Kindly, Artor

Monument ... . .......

related artists links

Hey All,
Specially for Uku here some links to interesting artist related to the post you made.
The Link to Erik's work is more that the images Uku posted reminded me about his research.... process
and  the work of Falke Pisano, who won the Prix the Rome this year, deals with the translation from a visual language to a oral or performative one, which is relevant for all of you.

Check it out information is kind of difficult to find on Falke....

Monument with a hidden story

I have found these posts in Arabia in September/October. I have spoken with many people about the finding to have more info about them but nobody seems to have noticed them. When i manage to define the adress or more accurate location, then i can search from archive by this keyword. It must be part of some previous building that has laid there. At the surrounding area i haven't noticed any other old building.  But there is a church. 

Also i have found similar posts from the boarder of Helsinki and Vantaa.

Some detailed places from Helsinki.

Tango and Kalevala

During my research about Finnish social culture I found this, very biased video, but the interesting part is somewhere in the middle - about Finnish tango:

Besides I'm trying to find Finnish national epic Kalevala in Latvian online. On my way I found out that "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" is inspired by Kalevala.

Present monuments in Kontula center (Hidrogenum)

It's written that this is monument for collaboration. It is established on 1967 when the shopping center was opened, restored on 2008.

~30 meters from the monument - this monument, the same height but with more clear message.
A - the monument for collaboration, B - the monument with clear message, C - the empty, designed podium. D - where I met the man with the blue balloon, E - Pub Paris that I still have to visit. Many other pubs close around.

Monument for . ....... #7

Monument for a ....... #6

World birth rate and death rate.

Monument for a feeling #5

 ... and gazing up at the dark sky spangled with its signs and stars, for the first time, the first, I laid my heart open to the benign indifference of the universe. To feel it so like myself, indeed, so brotherly, made me realize that I’d been happy, and that I was happy still.

From "Stranger" by Camus

"Hidrogenum" continues

Zeppelin - optionally filled with hydrogen in order to be able lift off and stay in the air. A way of transport. Flammable when filled with hydrogen.

Monument for a feeling #4

This is a great book.

Monument for a feeling #3

In a few thousand years the place where I sit now will be covered under kilometers of ice. There's two men of my age walking there, across the endless glacier. One of them suddenly stops, staring at the snow under his feet. His companion asks him, "What is it?" "Nothing", he says and points his finger to the ground. "I think Helsinki is somewhere down there".

Monument for a feeling #2

Monument for a feeling


Aigars Bikse made this every-two-minutes inflatable Lenin ("Idealist. Two minutes cycle of historical justice") in the place where the central Lenin of Riga was until 1991.
Here the original at 1991:


When we where discussing about what does a monument do with the space my example was the stone in a place where a cameraman was shot from a near by hill. I just found a video of that moment (1991). Btw I heard that there might be only to documentaries (including this) where a cameraman is killed during shooting.

Can't see the hill in the picture but anyway...
there are 5 of these kind around that hill, for each person for the same reason.


I saw this man...
who looked super scary and smelled like hydrogen (it starts to evaporate from the skin when a certain amount of alcohol is reached in blood) and had that blue balloon connected to his jacket.
Outside, next to the shop where the picture was taken, there is this podium...
Every day I pass trough this center of Kontula and almost every time I see wasted, middle-aged people hanging/lying/throwing up around the karaoke bars. Pub Paris is the best I think. I should still go to the Archive for more information about this place and to visit Pub Paris for once, but for now I think to work with this topic and/or area and/or character.