The Story of Disappearo

Strange shit starts to go through your head when you're guarding an exhibition with a horrible hangover and after three hours of sleep.

I'm thinking about a story of a superhero called Disappearo. His superhero power is that he makes things disappear. Sort of like the Midas touch, but not.

Every superhero has a story about how they got their powers – Spiderman was bit by a radioactive spider, and so on. Disappearo gets his powers when he is 28 years old and falls into a severe depression.

The first thing he notices is that his self esteem has disappeared. He tries his best to get it back, but it is gone for good. His motivation disappears next, and after that his sense of purpose to life.

After a while his friends start to disappear also – they no longer call him and when he tries to contact them he never hears anything back.

Days disappear. On a Sunday evening he notices that the whole week has disappeared somewhere, he doesn't remember living it.

He even makes love disappear. One day he comes home and the girl he has been dating says that she no longer has feelings for him. She would still like to be friends with him, but Disappearo knows better - it doesn't work like that. She has already started to disappear and when that happens there's no turning back. And he is right; after a while he will not hear from her ever again.

These events make him even more depressed, which in turn makes his superhero power even more powerful. So things start to disappear even faster.

He reaches for the TV remote, but once he touches it, it disappears. He sits down and the chair disappears from under him and he falls to the floor. Money disappears when he gets it from the cash machine. Food disappears once he puts it in his mouth, so he's starving all the time.

Finally one day when he's taking a walk his socks disappear, then his shoes, and when his bare feet touch the ground, he makes the whole planet earth disappear.

The story ends with Disappearo floating aimlessly trough endless space, slowly suffocating to death. In one final effort to make his end easier, he tries to make himself disappear. He tries his best and really concentrates, but nothing happens and he realizes why. Yes, he could make the whole world disappear from around him, but to himself he can't do that. He has to experience this life to the bitter end.


That was just a rough outline of the story, but I think this would make a great comic book.