To Kalasatama / context and story of my experiences there.

Almost everyday for three months, I took metro to going to the center, or to my place. Almost everyday during this last three months I was looking this area called Kalasatama. Chose the good seat to see well this construction place. From the metro, with speed I saw only these kind of rock's hill and some hole produce by some machines. I saw a kind of advertissement for this futur housing area called Kalasatama. 
I don't speak finnish and understand not a lot or nothing. For me it was only the name of this place.
I walked around the city by many ways, without directions,  walking for walking, to  see, feel the environment, places, wind, cold sun...Walking as a sensitive experience of places. By this way, spaces became places. 
One day, it was saturday, and my feeling was like the grey sky, I decided to go walking to this Kalasatama, to see it closer. I like a lot stones and rocks, I imagined like a playground with many rocks. But I discovered something else. 
I wasn't been on the top of rock's hills. I don't remember if I saw rocks. I followed a way and discovered some summer party's left overs : coachs, fireplace, broken tables, mattress... Left overs or open public trash. I started to write, to tell me speculative stories about this place. I was continuing to follow a way, and I was continuing to write during walking. 
Old harbor, three or four construction or demolition boats and their left overs on the pontoon. Mattress on pontoon, ropes and one man. There was this old boat smelt, from humidity stuffs. After that, a kind of sad wild place, where there are a lot of left overs construction materials, from city's constructions I guess. Pipes, stones, metal... Differents shapes, sizes and colors organizing on piles. Also a winter harbor, i couldn’t entrance there, is it close for public. I would like go there, I must to meet someone who has a boat inside.
It was already the night and I was really cold. I though to buy winter jacket during this afternoon. I forgot my gloves, I couldn’t write anymore, my hands were completely frozen. I wanted to coming back home, but I met a man who lives in his boat close in this area, close to the bridge and constructions. We were talking about his life as an outsider of society and the past of this place. He would like built kind of wood tent. I tought to help him. He is finnish, but kind of unfinnish, he came to talk to me, persone who like share talking, share experiences. Very nice meeting. Now everytime in the metro, when I see his boat, I think about his life, what he does. I will meet him again, soon. 

And I went home. 

Begining of november I went to Hailuoto, remote island on the north of Baltic sea. I saw a sign which indicated «Kalasatama». 
I understood at this moment, Kalasatama isn’t only name of this place in Helsinki. I asked finnish person, Meri. Se told me : «Do you know what is means ? Kalasatama is fish harbor. 

(I learned some nice, and not important words like «poiju» «lokki» «purjevene» «aalto» «kala» «saari» «simpukka», all relates to the sea environment, also, «Kalasatama» its new one for my collection... )

One night, we borrowed the car to do an excursion in this Hailuoto’s fish harbor. It was very great experience. Very cold, very windy, full moon. Very small harbour with only two pontoons, broken by the nature forces, I guess. It didn’t look like with present activity, it look like old harbor as abandoned. Gived for the sea, wind, moon and for us, these outsiders visitors. We walked on the beach, sand was frozen, we couldn’t see our foot prints. After a while there, we came home by the road in the middle of the forest.

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