"Big Crunch Clock" 1999 

In the run-up to the year 2000, Gianni Motti made and set going the “Big Crunch Clock”, a digital clock with twenty numerals: five billion years calculated to a tenth of a second. The work counts the time separating the sun from its explosion (the “big crunch”) backwards.A bigger one has been installed in the Palais de Tokyo since 1999

And an other project from Gianni Motti. I think we can approve of as monument for artists's assistants.

Monument for Walter Benjamin in Port-Bou

I talked about it this week.
Monument for Walter Benjamin, interesting because the viewer is invited by sculptures to look the environment where WB killed himself. Three times, views and positions for imagine the philosopher's situation. Good explain in this site :

Public Smog

Why not a monument for the atmosphere ?

website of project :

Amy Balkin exhibit too in the "white cube" during the Documenta 13

Wishing that Earth's Atmosphere become as UNESCO World Heritage Preserve, he showed his request.
Negatives responses of course !