Tango and Kalevala

During my research about Finnish social culture I found this, very biased video, but the interesting part is somewhere in the middle - about Finnish tango: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fc3_1190920643

Besides I'm trying to find Finnish national epic Kalevala in Latvian online. On my way I found out that "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" is inspired by Kalevala. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalevala

Present monuments in Kontula center (Hidrogenum)

It's written that this is monument for collaboration. It is established on 1967 when the shopping center was opened, restored on 2008.

~30 meters from the monument - this monument, the same height but with more clear message.
A - the monument for collaboration, B - the monument with clear message, C - the empty, designed podium. D - where I met the man with the blue balloon, E - Pub Paris that I still have to visit. Many other pubs close around.

Monument for . ....... #7

Monument for a ....... #6

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