To Oseán

I don´t know have to give comments direct to the link but this is good
things about weater -art project by Bigert &Bergström

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary: pick it up

speech, music, fish pond, candy, information...


Ok, after DRAVE now Restlessminds are ready to PICK IT UP.
We have a proposal for a proposal to collect money to pick the mystic
object up from the Baltic sea .

BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE By Canadian Minister of Defence MAY 2013

Topographie poétique / Close to Kalasatama

Numerique edition of texts I wrote to Kalasatama.
Part of Topographie poétique work. Exist in French and in English.

click on the link to dowload it
Close to Kalasatama

Weather modification

 I like the idea of creating the most typical (mental) Helsinki weather there is, the mixed rain and snow, in the middle of the summer for one day.

Skywriting. These images don't have anything to do with anything yet but I liked them.

Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam war, to take away the food and vegetation cover of the Viet Cong.